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The ring that always fits perfectly - the ideal adjustment for your wedding or decorative ring.

Wear your own ring again!.

Rheumatic patients often suffer from painful fingers. It's no longer possible to slide your own ring (which has emotional value) over your finger. This is a very sensitive point for, among other complaints, inflamed knuckles. The ring can also be too wide. This may lead to points of irritation while you simply want to wear your own ring.

Who is this website for?

We provide you with an overview of goldsmiths and jewelers who work with the Jewelhinge system.

Who will be adjusting your ring?

Which goldsmith or jeweler works with the Jewelhinge system?

Do you recognize this?


Rheumatisme patients often suffer from painfull phalanges. Your own ring (with emotional value) can no longer fit on your finger. This is a very sensitive issue with inflamed knuckles. The ring can also be too broad. All annoyances while you still want to wear your own ring.



Long-term research has delivered the perfect solution for these problems: the Jewelhinge. In order to reach this outcome, experiences of rheumatoid arthritis patients were decisive. Through these experiences, the Van Kempen company has been able to develop an idea.


product: purely aimed at solving this problem. This hinge is innovative and unique in its kind and therefore exclusively patented.


The solution

Your ring retains all the beauty and feelings of your own ring, due to the following features:

10 years’ warranty on the hinging system;

Safety, you can always take off your ring;

Perfect closure;

Manufactured in silver and all colors of gold;

Easy to open with the special ring opener.

What do we offer?

We deliver to the Goldsmith/jewelry store a unique hinge system that is so strong and abrasion, that we can give 10 years warranty on this system. We have been doing this since 1995.

This system has been developed in Coöperation with several organizations and marketed. The abrasion resistance of Jewelhinge (hardness Vickers 1200) is much higher then the current 14 karat (Vickers hardness 155) Gold hinge. 

This indicates how high our quality is. Your jeweler can contact us so that he can adjust your ring..

This site is set up to the consumer to refer to the connected goldsmiths.

Goldsmiths can order the Jewelhinge trough us.